loofah soap

Coffee Loofah Soap

The main ingredient for our Coffee Loofah Soap is none other than Coffee.

These are great for skin exfoliation. The alternatives to Coffee grounds for exfoliation are sugar and salt. The most common dry areas where you can apply this are in your feet and elbows. The process of blending coffee grounds to the soap mixture can either be through melting and pouring it prior to cold pressing the soap mixture. The coffee grounds used in this soap are dried.

Loofah is a dried vegetable. This means that it is not reusable but it is natural. Loofah has a lifespan of three to four weeks but it depends on the usage. Keep in mind to discard your loofah once it has degraded. It is certainly better than plastic washcloths!

Another important ingredient is Vanilla Essential Oil. Vanilla contains antioxidant properties, lowers inflammation and fights infection.

In light with this, we make sure that we create less trash in all of our products.

coffee loofah soap

The Coffee Loofah Soap is a blend of saponified oils (coconut, palm, sunflower, canola), Arabica-Robusta coffee and vanilla essential oil.

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