Citronella Cream with lavender oil

Citronella Cream

One of our ingredients for our Citronella Cream is Citronella itself.

Citronella have methyl isoeugenol which is responsible for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is specifically undesirable to mosquitoes. Aside from this, it can heal any bug bites not just the mosquito bites.

Furthermore, Citronella oil must be diluted to prevent skin irritation. Reapplication of this cream every 30 minutes is a must to stay mosquito bite free. Citronella has an appealing smell. For this reason, it promotes relaxation of the mind.

This powerful ingredient is not only great for dengue prevention, it also promotes stress relief.

Another ingredient is Lavender Oil.

Lavender oil prevents acne and it helps in killing bacteria in our skin. This essential oil unclogs the pores of our skin thereby preventing the bacteria from entering our pores. Aside from that, it has antioxidant properties that protect us from harmful free radicals.

In light of this, we make sure that we create less trash in all of our products.

The Citronella Cream with Lavender is a blend of Citronella and Lavender essential oil.

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