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Gram Handmade Soap Products

GRAM stands for Gia Rowena Adeser Morgia. Our very own genius behind our handmade soap products.

Goodness. Refreshing. Artisan. Made4U

Look no further, our product is here for you!


Our soap products are safe. Ultimately, we keep you in mind. At Gram Handmade, we only use all natural ingredients. All in all, there’s no harmful chemicals added.

Gram Handmade Soap is a familiar, dependable, handmade product from Cagayan de Oro City. A personalized, comforting soap product. In fact, we create predictable, stable quality handmade soaps. Hence, all-natural ingredients Made4U. Made by hand.

Our handmade soap products can be wrapped according to your idea or packaged with a personal touch to your desire. Given these points, use it as a giveaway for any events, or have it nicely wrapped for your special someone. 

With this in mind, you do not have to beat yourself up in thinking about how to make the handmade soap look presentable! Let us do it for you!

As shown above, Exfoliating and Cleaning is right on your bar soap, all in one. Due to rising number of dengue cases, we have created our Citronella Cream to prevent mosquito encounter.

In every bar of Gram Handmade Soaps, rest assured that it is made with love. It is Made4U.


I always feel God's overflowing love for me as he blessed me with a wonderful supplier, Thank you so much GRAM HANDMADE SOAP. THANK YOU and I highly recommend it. The price is right and with excellent customer service. God bless you more GRAM Handmade Soap!
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